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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

"I don't think I have ever seen anywhere more magical" said Sandie as we slowly drove the coast road. We spent our last day in this most beautiful of states driving under blue, cloudless skies from Wells north to Saco, where we are encamped. Wells itself is a singularly dull seaside resort, with more in common with Florida than Maine. Perhaps that is its appeal to people who have to endure the freezing cold winter weather up here. A long beach and a cluster of holiday homes sums it up and we stopped only to have a lobster roll at the famous Maine Diner to lift our spirits.

So we set out to find the Bush Kennebunkport Compound, the house where Presidents Bush spent their summers. It is actually several miles out of town but not hard to discover. Driving back through delightful Kennebunkport, we followed the coastal road until the unmissable Bush 'Summer Palace' appeared nobly on a rocky promontory, named Walker's Point, looking out across the North Atlantic, waves crashing on three sides as if to isolate it from the real world.

President George H.W. Bush's favorite home

The Bush Compound, still guarded by the Secret Service

Protection from the ocean on three sides

This golden area exudes wealth with magnificent summer houses, nay, mansions standing opulently overlooking the crashing seas. We stopped next at Cape Porpoise and looked out from a lobster fishermen's jetty to the islands and the lighthouse which had been occupied by the Secret Service during the President's stay in office as it gave them a direct view of the Bush property from the sea. Next was Goose Rocks beach stretching for half a mile between rocky outcrops and presenting a calming change of natural mood from the ragged coast..

But, as we now reluctantly leave to head south and a warmer winter, we take with us the most wondrous memories in our heads and the smack of lobster in our mouths and we want to share some moments from today and urge you, if you ever get the chance, to explore this coastline in the summer months and absorb the wonders that abound in Maine - a veritable celebration of natural beauty to which words alone fail to do justice.

Goose Rocks beach

We are on our way, in our own time , but as our RV does 10 miles to the gallon, we had better fill up.

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