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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We had heard tavellers' tales of Maine. We had been told how beautiful, how natural and how jaw-droppingly photogenic it was.

Maine delivers.

Close your eyes and think of Maine. You will probably see in your mind's eye hills of tall trees rising up to the blue skies, a jagged, rocky coastline attended on by a thousand seabirds and crystal clear seas hugging the rocks and then disappearing over the horizon.

Get here, and now open them. It isn't a vision - it really is Maine.

This is the most stunning place we have visited. Having driven about half way up this large state, which lies in splendid comfort at the top right hand corner of the US, isolated from the never-resting hubbub of American life. We settled for 6 nights just outside a small seaside town called Belfast. Like most towns around here, Belfast comes with its own idyllic harbor, lobsters and a gentile grace. We have been out on a lobster smack with a posse of seals and dolphins looking at lighthouses, walked a mile long causeway to Rockland's Breakwater Lighthouse and demolished some of the finest lobsters on the planet. But words cannot do this area justice, so you will be pleased that this blog is more of a picture postcard - with very few words on the back. Here are some of the places we have discovered:

Our campsite on the edge of the ocean:

Lobster fest:

A brace of the finest for just $24:

Camden Harbor:

Port Clyde Harbor:

The mile long breakwater and lighthouse at Rockland:

Landing a handsome Monkfish:

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