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The Blue Ridge Parkway is a slow-paced and relaxing 469 mile drive with a backdrop of stunning views of the rugged mountains and the rolling, pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands. It runs from Virginia to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. We took the Mini (nicknamed Old Faithful as she follows us everywhere) for a half day spin for on this spectacular, roller-coaster road, rising to 5000ft at the peak of Mt Pasgah, part of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. For us, having lived so long in flat, hot, tropical Florida, this was like a breath of fresh,chilly, invigorating air.  

We passed the Looking Glass Falls and the Sliding Rock Fall where the intrepid slide down the rock into an 8ft deep river at the bottom. A beautiful drive.

The Blue Ridge Mountains 

Looking Glass Falls

At Mt Pasgah

Sliding Rock

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