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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Today, as we finally leave Florida and head into Georgia, a state steeped in controversial history. There were 13 states in the British Colony (hence the number of stripes on the US flag) and Georgia would be the last to 'join'. It had been planned as a holiday home for many of the British reprobates, criminals shipped from the Mother Country to ease the pressure on the full prisons but in the end it became too militarily significant. It was initially run by a Board in London who explicitly banned slavery - and rum. But all that was to change. It was named after King George III but, in nearer history , another king became associated with the state. Martin Luther King made his base here during the fifties and sixties.

But enough of this. It is time we reintroduce the cast and crew of our historical and hysterical epic. We are all in our bus, like Space Oddity, 'sitting in a tin can' and by Monday 'the stars WILL look very different today' as we see a normal day plunged into eerie darkness as the moon gently glides across the sun at 2.45 in the afternoon. Can't wait! We got the cats to pose the other day so it's time to introduce the gang again for any newcomers as we set off from our home state. We have sat the cats down and explained recent events in the South and told them they cannot behave like fur supremacists over the next few weeks.

Sandie saying farewell to her beloved Florida 





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