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When we took off in an RV from our home in Key West to cross America, we did not know what to expect. We simply decided to head over each horizon with this unquenchable appetite for discovery and see what transpired.

As new US citizens, we wanted to get out there, to see as many new places as possible and meet our new countryfolk. With no plan, just untiring enthusiasm, we just kept on rolling. At every junction, we could choose to go left, right or straight on. But never back.

We hope that you will enjoy and be entertained by some of the insights as we explored this great continent. Don't believe all you see on TV. Get away from the cities and you'll find it is the wildest, most beautiful country in the world. It is now time to turn curiosity into discovery. Thank you for joining us.


Des & Sandie Nichols

P.S.  If you are from the US, please forgive our English spelling. Old habits are hard to break!


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Key West, USA


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